Toners are a beautiful addition to your daily routine and an unsung hero in the skincare world. Conventional alcohol-laden toners have given these products a bad wrap - yes they tighten and close the pores but they do so by drying out the skin - instead, good toners are like skin tonics. Bursting with botanicals they deliver deep hydration, which plumps the skin and refines the pores. Because these are water-based products, they have a small molecular size and so can penetrate further into the skin, enhancing the absorption of oils and creams.

Better yet, you can apply facial mists whenever and wherever you are - after cleansing, to set make-up or when your skin just needs an extra boost! We love to keep a travel-size toner in our pockets for whenever we need an on-the-go spritz - it lifts both skin and spirit!

Each of our toners bestows different skin-loving properties based on their ingredients so it's always best to choose your toner based on what your skin needs that day, and never be afraid to layer!

  • Blemish-busters - to banish blemishes and mattify extra shine, the Lemon Myrtle Anti-Bacterial Toner is our go-to. It's great for young hormonal skin or as a targeted treatment product for any rogue spots as we get older.
  • Skin conditioners - the Orange Blossom and Rose Otto Hydrating Toners are like serums without thickeners. They contain water-soluble botanicals that deliver a burst of moisture to tone, plump and revitalise your skin from deep within. They are amazing thirst-quenchers for dehydrated and lacklustre skin.
  • Featherweight moisturisers - if you're looking for an oil-free moisturiser then you can't go wrong with the Rose Otto or Orange Blossom Hydrating Toners. These two contain plant-derived glycerin, which will act as a thin moisture-locking layer on the surface of the skin. They are so light, you won't even know they're there and they give a beautiful dewy finish.