Meet the Founders

Tanya Hawkes, Founder & Formulator

As a beekeeper, wildlife conservationist and budding botanist, my life's passion has been the study of nature. Growing up I always struggled with my skin - I found it would react to everything from perfume and make-up to washing powder. As I learned to read ingredient lists I was shocked by the things companies were putting into beauty products - the industry was rife with toxic or inert products that were completely antonymous to the idea of caring for your skin.

I began to make my own simple products using organic ingredients in my early twenties, around the same time as I started keeping bees. We lived in the Scottish borders at the time so ingredients were a little hard to come by but when I started to experiment with my own honey, I was amazed by the transformation that I saw. Not only was my skin nourished but it felt hydrated, plumped and calmed for the first time. 

Over the years, my knowledge and passion for organic skincare ingredients evolved and deepened. It seemed to me that honeybees are nature's greatest alchemists; creating nutritious superfoods and potent medicines from sweet nectars, aromatic resins and botanical extracts that they collected from the landscape. They inspired me to delve further into the healing powers of honey for the skin and through their gentle teachings, showed me that nature holds all the answers.

Esme Hawkes, Co-founder & Creative Director

When I think of my childhood, I think of rivers, forests and long days spent playing outdoors in wild places and wide open spaces. In the winter, the snow would fall and we would snuggle up by a roaring fire; in the summer we would pick wildflowers and race down country lanes, the air full with the buzz of insects. We were creatures of the earth, connected with the seasons and the movements of the sun.

Years later I went on to study Biology at university and fell in love with ecology. I've always been fascinated by the interconnectedness of natural ecosystems and the role humans play within these. Living in a world that seems evermore distanced from nature, I see the regenerative farming and organic beauty movement as a pivotal piece to living in balance with nature, boosting our wellbeing and reversing climate change.

Whenever I returned home, I found Mum's passion for formulating organic skincare was catching. Having inherited skin sensitivities myself, I was amazed by the results I was seeing from the lotions and potions she whipped up in her studio. It was clear that she was creating something really special - a winning formula for skin, spirit and the planet. Convinced that sustainable business has a crucial role to play in narrowing the gap between ecology and the economy, we poured our expertise and passion into a new venture together. With our shared love of nature guiding us, we launched Therapi back in 2013 and have never looked back!