Lip Care

From conversation to kisses, our lips are a key part of how we express ourselves and are full of thousands of nerve endings, making them one of the most sensitive areas of the body. The skin on our lips is different to that of the rest of our bodies because it's much thinner and far more delicate. This skin is only a few layers thick, which is why we see the blush of blood vessels underneath the surface that gives our lips their rosey hue.

Our lips do not contain sweat or sebaceous glands making them sensitive to external stressors such as cold, wind, and sun. As we age, our lips produce less collagen and may begin to look a little less full. To give them volume, it's worth investing in a really good nourishing lip balm that will both protect, moisturise and condition the lips, keeping them plumped and healthy.

If you are going to exfoliate or scrub your lips, then choose a product that is very gentle and avoid doing it too often so as not to damage the skin. Lipstick can dry your lips out so be sure to prep the lips with lip balm and allow it to sink in before applying. We directly ingest some of the product that we put on our lips so it is always best to opt for lip products that are made from pure food-grade ingredients (no mineral oil!) and are coloured with natural pigments.

  • Everyday - bursting with nourishing organic oils and enriching butters, apply our Honey Lip Nectar as often as required to intensely repair, nourish, soften, and heal lips whenever they need a little extra care.