Sustainability Reimagined

At Therapi nature guides everything we do - every decision is carefully made with our shared health and home in mind. We believe that the concept of sustainability as it stands today isn't powerful enough to radically restore our land and oceans and reverse climate change. Instead of sustaining a broken system, we want to develop restorative systems that are dynamic and emergent, focusing on looking after the wellbeing of the planet holistically and benefitting not only us but all the species we share the world with.

Since the industrialisation of farming, agriculture and changes in land use have contributed to around a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions and have led to vast amounts of habitat destruction. With the invention of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, and increased access to hi-tech large-scale machinery, farmers were mis-sold a model of continual growth and productivity. It was a boom and bust model - one that borrowed from tomorrow for the profits of today and as time went on, the long-term impacts began to surface. With depleted soil health and the destruction of a once-balanced agricultural ecosystem, farmers found themselves locked into a system that was harming their farms, wildlife and pocket, at the same time as global monopolies were driving the price of food and other agriculturally-grown ingredients into the ground.

But we are at an exciting and hopeful time for our planet. With better understanding and the reemergence of interest in areas such as agroforestry, soil science and regenerative farming, we're in a really strong position to halt and perhaps even reverse climate change together. 

Regenerative beauty

We believe that purposeful business has a huge part to play in the restoration and protection of the planet; challenging the status quo and narrowing the gap between ecology and the economy. As a sustainable, impact-led company our mission is to change the beauty industry through innovation, transparency and a holistic approach to human and planetary wellbeing.

We always endeavour to integrate the most conscious and loving choices into every element of our business. To be truly sustainable, we look at every part - from the way our raw ingredients are grown, to the harvesting of our honey, to the sourcing of our packaging, to the ideas we promote and the companies we work with, to the way your orders arrive straight to your door.

Bees are the barometer by which we can measure our relationship with nature, and illustrate the synergy between land and man that is at the very heart of the regenerative movement. What is right for the bees is right for us too - they teach us that there is a way to live in balance with nature and extract the sweetness of the flower without damaging it. They even make the world more beautiful in the process!

Inspired by the bees, we work hard to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible:

  • All of our agriculturally grown and bee-derived ingredients are certified organic
  • We use food-grade ingredients wherever possible
  • We practice regenerative natural beekeeping techniques
  • We use sustainable packaging components wherever possible
  • We use eco-friendly manufacturing processes and cleaning methods
  • We work with the UK government and farmers to inform their pollinator strategies
  • We champion bee conservation work
  • We are always striving to innovate and transform our business as new materials and processes become available - it is an exciting space to be in!