Why Honey?

Wild Honeycomb

The wonders of honey

Honey has been prized as a precious elixir for millennia. Ancient texts tell how honey was used as a superfood and medicine, offered in sacrifice, demanded in tax, blessed, bathed in and used in ceremony. Even today, our word ‘honeymoon’ comes from the traditional European practice of supplying a newly-wed couple with enough honey mead for a month, ensuring happiness, health and fertility.

Steeped in ancient tradition, honey also holds the secret to beautiful healthy skin. Hailed as one of the oldest natural cosmetic ingredients, honeybees make this liquid sunshine from the sweet nectars of thousands of flowers, each visited for their unique medicinal and nutritious properties.

Our organic golden honey comes from rich wildflower meadows, capturing the therapeutic powers of a diverse and thriving landscape. We see honey as the purest distillation of nature - in each drop is the unique potency of the wild.

Honey for the skin

Honey is an ancient remedy for healing and renewing the skin. Its unique and complex botanical composition makes it a one-stop wonder ingredient for all skin types, including sensitive. We use raw organic honey in our products for all its amazing skin-loving properties.

  • As a natural humectant, honey holds water to the skin to keep it plumped, hydrated and deeply moisturised.
  • Its mild antibacterial properties purify the skin and regulate oil production to help reduce blemishes.
  • Mildly acidic, honey gently brightens the skin and works with the natural pH of the skin’s microbiome to calm and soothe redness.
  • Renowned for its powerful regenerative properties, its complex mix of enzymes, vitamins and minerals deeply nourish and firm the skin, boost collagen and elastin synthesis, and prevent free radical damage. The result is glowing skin that radiates health and vitality.

Our passion for nature and belief that we all inextricably form part of it is a key tenet on which Therapi is built. Our obsession for sourcing the very best ingredients in a way that cares for nature is part of our foundation and this is never more true than in our work with bees. All of our miracle ingredients from the hive are sustainably sourced, with love and attention given to the health and integrity of the honeybee colony. You can find out more about our regenerative beekeeping practices here.

The powers of propolis

Propolis is nature’s most powerful antioxidant and is the key ingredient in our hero product, the youth-promoting Propolis+ Ultra Radiance Cream.

It is a precious compound produced by bees from the resins of trees and woody shrubs - supercharged with flavonoids, trace elements and minerals that purify, heal and renew the skin. These resins have a hallowed place in natural medicines and play an important role in the immune system of plants, which the bees collect for their own medicinal purposes.

Our propolis extract is created using a unique extraction method that preserves the activity and potency of propolis just as it is found in nature. Containing over 200 actives, this phyto-powered propolis is imbued with powerful regenerative properties.

  • Acts as antioxidant shield to protect skin from free radical damage.
  • Deeply nourishes and protects skin, restoring compromised skin barrier function and calming inflammation.
  • Reduces pigmentation and the signs of sun-damaged skin over time.
  • Bio-actives stimulate collagen and elastin production helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Our unique propolis extract has 5x higher antioxidant levels than vitamin E and has been clinically proven to help reduce the sign of wrinkles by 25% and boost collagen density by 26%.

The secret of beeswax

Beeswax is often an unsung hero in the skincare world but it is one of our key ingredients in both our honey moisturisers and lip balm.

Our skin loves waxes for protection and locking in moisture - in fact our skin sebum is a mixture of oils and waxes. As an animal-derived wax, beeswax is far more similar to the wax-component of our own skin sebum than plant waxes are, which can be brittle and non-pliable. This makes beeswax very biocompatible, protecting our skin whilst allowing it to breathe freely.

  • Fine breathable anti-pollution shield
  • Locks in moisture to keep skin hydrated throughout the day
  • Natural skin-loving emulsifier
  • Smoothes the skin, making it the perfect primer for wearing make-up