Exfoliation plays an important role in any healthy skincare routine, removing dead skin cells and debris to reveal brighter, softer and clearer skin. Typically we are told to exfoliate 1-2 times a week, however, the amount of exfoliation necessary varies from person to person and can change with season, climate and age.

Over-exfoliation can reap havoc on our skin - too much of it can lead to redness, sensitivity and dryness. if you're ever unsure on how much you should be exfoliating then err on the side of caution as good cleansing will do a lot of the hard work for you. Listen to your skin and establish a beauty ritual that works for you. If you have very sensitive skin, a gentle exfoliating mask using honey may be all you need.

  • Mechanical - mechanical exfoliants buff away dead skin cells through physical action. They are a great way of removing debris from the surface of the skin but sadly many are rough and abrasive, containing exfoliating particles that are too hard and sharp for your skin, resulting in tearing. We recommend our natural vegetable-based konjac sponge, which you can pair with our honey gel cleansers - they are so gentle that we use them every day, helping to stimulate microcirculation in the skin.
  • Chemical - chemical exfoliants are normally formed of acids, alcohols and enzymes that break the bonds down between dead skin cells. Gentle chemical exfoliants can be effective for very sensitive skin types that can become inflamed with mechanical stimulation, however, many chemical exfoliators on the market are far too strong for most skin types. Yes, they may give glowing baby-soft skin for a few days but at what cost? Your skin is first and foremost a protective shield - stripping it of living skin cells can leave layers of skin exposed that are not ready to be on the frontline. This stresses the skin and can lead to redness, inflammation, photosensitivity and ultimately can hasten the ageing process. Be careful of products that borrow from tomorrow for the benefit of today - instead opt for gentle ingredients such as raw organic honey.