Our honey skincare products use the highest-grade organic ingredients. Each ingredient is chosen for its uniquely beneficial properties to provide you with pure, concentrated skincare that works in perfect harmony with you and the planet.


Bees have co-evolved with plants over millions of years and have become sophisticated organic chemists; converting nectar and pollen from flowers into highly nutritious compounds. Therapi uses this rich natural pharmacopoeia to formulate pure organic products suitable for every skin type, including sensitive.

Honey is our key ingredient; the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes it contains provide therapeutic benefits for all skin types

Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it attracts and retains moisture, maintaining skin at optimal hydration levels.

 Honey contains various vitamins and enzymes as well as trace elements such as potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium, which nourish the skin and improve cell production.

 Rich in antioxidants, honey also helps regenerate damaged tissue, deflects free radicals, improves skin tone and elasticity and reduces signs of ageing.

 Honey is a powerful anti-bacterial agent which is excellent for treating acne, as well as reducing redness and inflammation.

Propolis is a precious and rare compound produced by bees from the resins of plants. It is a natural source of anti-oxidant flavonoids, trace elements and minerals. It has been used as a beauty treatment for 5,000 years to purify, heal and smooth the skin. Recent scientific research has confirmed it to have high levels of natural anti-ageing properties. It assists with the protection and regeneration of cells and also with the synthesis of elastin and collagen, to promote vital, younger-looking skin. Therapi uses certified organic propolis extract in the Rose Otto ULTRA RADIANCE CREAM.


Rose Otto

The Rose Otto range has been formulated with honey and five different extracts of organic rose, capturing all the therapeutic properties of this extraordinary and delicate flower. Rose is excellent for dry, mature skin. It is rejuvenating, uplifting and nourishing.

Orange Blossom also known as Neroli

The Orange Blossom range combines honey and soothing calendula extracts with uplifting aromatic oils of neroli and jasmine to promote and maintain the skin’s natural balance. Distilled from the fragrant blossoms of the bitter orange tree, neroli improves skin tone, balances and soothes.

Lemon Myrtle

A highly aromatic plant with proven anti-microbial properties, Lemon Myrtle has been used as a bush medicine for centuries. Combined with honey, citrus extracts and witchhazel, this range is excellent for purifying and balancing oily and combination skin.